Makda,  The Splendor Home's owner, who is based in Colorado, has a unique wealth of knowledge and experience related to interior design, earned with almost 20 years of experience. She began outfitting her own home and now she extends that same level of personal care to serve clients all over the Denver area.

She has a remarkable track record of finding solutions to complex and odd layouts. Her determination and unique background help her to envision a project well in advance and helps to take that vision to the next level. Treating every project as her own, she ensures the same level of passion is given towards your own project. You can rest easy knowing that Makda will not compromise on quality, while providing the very best for your project.

Whether it is a small or large residential property, she has the talent and the creativity to turn your drab, boring space into a showplace. To her, designing a beautiful and iconic home is not just a job, it is in her DNA, it is a gift given to her by God.

Inspired by nature, along with innovative ideas, her selection of colors and artistic materials lightens up spaces and gives life to ordinary homes. She is a motivational and energetic individual who endeavors to build a solid foundation by going above and beyond for her clients.


Makda is a people person who loves and respects everyone equally. Her listening skills, kindness, consistency and unreserved approach make people relaxed and able to share their aspirations for their home, which makes for a true connection and transfer of ideas.

Her ability to make her client's vision a reality is a testament to her talent and experience.