What we provide


The Splendor Home provides exceptional concept drawings for interior design services for remodeling, staging and renovating residential property using the client's own contractors. We also provide consultancy services and offer professional advice on materials, design and color choices that work well in your space and suit your tastes.

TSH is dedicated to creating an amazing space and a pleasant atmosphere by carefully analyzing your home and taking care to produce the very best outcome. By using design choices tailored to each client's needs, we always ensure that every drawing is unique, creative and ultimately beautiful in addition to be functional. 

Exceeding expectations


The Splendor Home values offering clients a design that reflects our passion for creativity and shows the love of design which results in a product that exceeds expectations. TSH always works to set a high standard and achieve loyalty and satisfaction from our greatly appreciated customers. We at TSH feel there is no higher compliment than word-of-mouth referrals from a satisfied design client.

We aim to provide our clients with an outstanding product and superior service by being transparent, clear and efficient so that cost, quality and budget have been considered and agreed to prior to commencing any project. This helps our clients to avoid unnecessary cost while making their project a great value for money. TSH understands that it is YOUR money funding the project so we make every effort to maximize each $ spent to achieve the best result possible. 



The Splendor Home's attention to detail and reputation are the core of our business because we care deeply for our clients' interests. Our trustworthiness, friendliness, commitment to honesty, and client focused operation have built solid relationships with our clients. By working closely with our clients, we give them the opportunity to reflect their own personality and style into the project and meet their vision for their space.

Having consistently achieved a high professional standard and level of integrity, TSH works hard to ensure clients are happy with the final design plan and that any last minute additions are added to ensure everything is exactly how the client wants. Meeting deadlines is a key to any project's success so we also strive to stay on time and on budget while ensuring the end result is to the highest satisfaction in order to make our clients say, Wow!

Whether it's choosing a color scheme or getting a professional drawing for remodeling your home, we know how best to help. For more information or to get a quote, call or drop us an email using the contact details below.